Emergency Medical Services program at Hinds Career Center

Emergency Medical Services program at Hinds Career Center

Students will learn to recognize the seriousness of the patient’s condition, use the appropriate emergency care techniques and equipment to stabilize the patient, and safely transport them to the hospital. The handling of victims of hazardous materials accidents is also addressed.

Outcomes of Emergency Medical Services program at Hinds Career Center: Engagement. Experience.
Apply learning through practical experiences that develop knowledge and skills necessary for success in  careers and postsecondary transition. Train for employment and/or postsecondary education in a specific range of occupations. Internships and  apprenticeships are the most common examples of this level.

: Hinds Career Center. (Madison County)
Type of Program: High School Course(s).
Eligibility: 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in Alexandria-Monroe High School, Elwood High School, Frankton High School, Hamilton Heights High School, Lapel High School, Madison-Grant High School, Tipton High School, and Tri-Central High School
Grade Level: 11, 12
Age Requirement: Unspecified
Work Experience Earned: N/A
Compensation: Unpaid

– HAZ MAT Awareness

– Stop the Bleed

– EMR National Registry

– First Aid & CPR

College Credit: N/A
Duration: 1-2 years
Cost: N/A. 

Additional information
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